Sunday, February 27, 2011

Make up brushes roll ~化妆刷卷包~ CM001

What a stylish way to store and keep your makeup brushes.  It is tall to store large brushes and keep them protected from damage or wear.

The slots come in different widths to best handle different brushes. The larger slots can hold multiple thinner brushes. .

The roll is made from 100% cotton so can be put in the washer/dryer for quick and easy cleaning. The roll is also fully interfaced for stability and strength. It comes with a coordinating ribbon to easily tie.

These makeup brush rolls would make a great birthday gift, bridesmaid gift, and many other purposes.


  1. 好多刷子!>< 星星好可爱。也不妨试试以后用那个日本便当的带带来帮住卷包.

  2. Alissa 谢谢你的建议哦!给了我一个很好的IDEA!谢谢你!